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Narzędzia wiertnicze DO KELLY-BAR

Drilling tools are designed to work with a kelly-bar under the protection of casing. All sizes can be changed according to your drilling conditions.

Made of high quality military steel:

  • Breaking load: 490 MPa
  • Temperature regime: -70 +425°С
  • For rock and soil solutions
  • Special protection against edge wear

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drilling tool for kellybar


Double wall сasing: diameter 600-2000mm with walls thickness 40-50mm. Designed for drilling with drived by casing oscillator or a rig rotary system. Connections according to the Bauer standard with means of conical thread screws and centring keys.


CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles are installed without casing. Auger can have different types of CFA couplings 150-230 mm, designed according with the yours rotary torque, drilling depth and type of soil.

Produced from different elements:

  • High quality steel <490MPa
  • For high torque <650 kN
  • Central pipe Ø273 *20-30mm.
  • Round shank chisels carbide picks D.30/38mm

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cfa-fdp-sob auger tool

Tremie PIPES

Pipes sections connected by wire cable joints. Cable system designed for quick assembly/dismounting sections tremie pipe, when concreting operations do. For water&mud stop, system have OR ring between female or male joints.

Characteristics of concrete pipes:

  • Sealed construction
  • Ø159, 219, 245, 273, 325 mm.

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Range of spare parts for drilling operations:

  • Flat teeth
  • Reinforced flat teeth
  • Round shank chisels carbide picks
  • Standard flat pilots or rock pilots
  • Cutting teeth
  • Casing adapter locks
  • Casing screws
  • Rings

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WEAR PARTS drilling


Any rig can be viewed on-line. All rigs in working condition.


We are real people and love what we do, so it's easy and safe with us.


We work under an official international agreement. You can work with our Russian or European company - this will optimize taxation and provide you with more convenience.

As a rule, for the manufacture of tools, the payment terms are 50% in advance and 50% at the end of production, before shipment. We are ready to negotiate.


We can arrange delivery anywhere in the world, we know how to organize it. If you want to pick up the goods with your own vehicles, then we can load them at one of our sites in St. Petersburg or Tallinn.

We also deliver to the port (Tallinn, Ust-Luga, St. Petersburg) and load the goods on the ship.


The warranty covers all of our drilling tools and we are ready to provide service and support 24/7, wherever you are. We have been in the drilling industry since 2002 and value our reputation very much. Our drilling tool has no breakages in 98.7% of cases, because even at the development stage it has a high strength factor, and all materials are tested before production. But the main thing is that we work only with reliable and trusted suppliers.

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Despite the fact that we try to make cooperation with us very easy and simple, we love difficult tasks and know how to work with them.

We are ready to provide production outsourcing in Russia in the field of metal structures and drilling equipment. From idea to finished product. Test us!

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  • Drilling rigs are in good condition, complete and ready to work right now. 
  • Sale from the owner. 
  • I will complete it with drilling tools. 
  • I will help with transportation. 
  • I will commission it and train to fundex. 
  • On-site ore on-line inspection is possible.

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Especially for the construction of bored piles in watered soils.